Monday, September 28, 2009

Sean Versus a Shark

"What should I draw on the first page of this comic," Sean asked.
"You punching a shark in the face. 'Cause eff sharks," I replied.

And thus this picture was born. Well, not immediately. First, I drew a picture to illustrate what I was talking about:

I suggested he be smoking a pipe and wearing an old-school red and white striped swim suit as he was doing the deed. (I also suggested the use of a disclaimer spreading a lie that he has punched a shark in the face. In real life!)
A little later, he sent me a rough sketching of a drawing that will depict him committing a violent act against a shark. I then took an artistic liberty with it and drew all over it and came up with the mess of lines and squiggles at the top of this rambling tale.

I showed it to Sean and he laughed saying that's precisely what he was drawing in the first place. So, while not entirely my drawing, it was fun to draw all over someone else's drawing and present the results to them (and here, for that matter).

Besides, I'm sure Sean's own final version of this drawing will be much better than my messy "interpretation."

A Little Doodling Never Hurt Anybody...

Except for that one guy, that one time, during that one year, long, long. ago.

Incidentally, both my brother and I appear in this particular post. In caricature form.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sketches, Doodles, and Mistakes

Some sketches. The carrot ones are terrible.

An Apple a Day... #7

Titled Writer's Block.

Horizontal formatting is a killer when it comes to resolution. I don't like having to make a thumbnail so you can actually read the comic, but such is life and I'm not gonna rule out horizontal formats just because they can be hard to read and I'm too lazy to link to the larger version.

So just click the image to see the (not much) larger, but legible version.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Regarding the Comics

I'm now noticing a trend.

These comics don't just present a beginning and an end anymore. In fact, some have middles, clear as day, such as Raining Babies. Others have middles that aren't blatantly obvious, yet are there. Those have yet to be produced. And one, Pimple, has an end that also happens to be the middle. Is that even possible? I suppose it can be. Or, maybe that's just an illustration of cause and effect.

In any case, these comics are no longer just easy things to throw together. Now, my desire to tell narratives is popping up.


An Apple a Day... #6

This one took longer to complete. Titled, Raining Babies, and it's loosely based on a Flaming Lips song of the same name. "Loosely" might be an understatement, but it was what I thought about when I listened to the song.