Monday, August 24, 2009

An Apple a Day... #5

Another installment in the "Candid Speakers" segment that will pop up from time to time. This time it features Banana speaking about his view on life and love. Candidly, of course.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Apple a Day... #3

Titled, To Live.

This particular comic was the first to be conceptualized, yet, due to other ideas being more fun, was the third to be completed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

An Apple a Day....#2

Carrot speaks candidly about his fears:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Beginings: An Apple a Day... #1

To commemorate this refresh, I'm posting the first comic from something I'm beginning to create, tentatively titled, An Apple a Day... However, if I decide to add different fruits to this than just an apple, well then the title will need to change, yes? If this turns out to be the case, the title will be Fruit Salad. I like both titles (though, I must admit, I'm a bit partial to Fruit Salad).

Oh, and this comic doesn't make sense at a glance. That's the point. I present a beginning and an end. The middle is up to the reader to fill in. Now without further ado:

Oh my...

It seems I've been a terrible blogger. I've really let this place go. There are cobwebs everywhere and dust, inches thick, covering every surface, nook, and cranny. But, I've decided I'm gonna be a good blogger now. I can use this for posting work, thoughts, ideas, anything really. I doubt anyone will read it but, so what? So, starting today, this place will be different - overhauled in a way.

If, indeed anyone does read this, then perhaps a quick update is in order. First, I no longer reside in Philadelphia. I no longer create work for Motion Heads. The PSA for Fresh Artists was created and presumably never used. Or maybe it is being used in various donation meetings, just not on their website. The lego project was a week-long grind that was completed satisfactorily and looked great. But never in my life had I touched legos that were so dirty, grimy and hairy. After all that, I moved back to Delaware and tried to find a paying job in animation. In Spetember 2008, I went to New York with my buddy,Zach, and took a test at Little Airplane Productions. I didn't get the job, but Zach did. I came home and got a job working at Best Buy. It sucked but was a paycheck. Plus I met some nice people and that's always wonderful. Zach had tried for 6 months to get me a job at Little Airplane.

In March, they called me in for another test, claiming usually people don't test twice, but I get to under a technicality. Apparently in the time since I had taken the test and failed, miserably, I might add, they had decided to make up a tutorial. So I retook the test and did infinitely better this time around (it helped that I got some pointers from Zach beforehand...). Then a month passed and I recieved word that I didn't get the job again. Disheartened, I went back to my life at Best Buy, resolved and resigned to make the best of things. A few weeks later, Little Airplane called again, this time they wanted to offer me an interview. I went in, nervous to impress and fairly sure I'd fail again, but I interviewed like a champ. A few days later, I was offered a position working as an animator for The Wonder Pets! on Nick Jr. Ecstatic, I put in my resignation at Best Buy and went to work in the city. It's proven to be the best job I've ever had.

Come September 4th, I will lose this job. But that's not to say I can't come back. The season is over and the project is over. Hopefully there will be more work, and I'll be back, enjoying what I'm doing. Until then, I'll try to find something else. Freelance or something, I don't know.