Thursday, May 20, 2010


I titled this one, Bear, because I'm very creative.

It's a watercolor painting.

Honestly, when I began painting this, I hated it. It looked very good as a cleaned up line drawing. But, now that it's done, I like the painting. I just wish I scanned it as a clean line drawing before painting it.

Maybe next time.

Pizza and Bear Roughs.

I came to the conclusion that both of the ideas had to be in comic form, whether Jenn and Ashley wanted them to be or not. The firefly idea definitely, but I think this bear idea only benefits from a panelled composition. I roughed it out to get a better idea of what it should look like.

It will get painted.


I completed the Firefly idea first. I then did the sensible thing and titled it, Firefly.

It's ink and colored pencil on sketchbook paper. It has measurements, but I don't know them off-hand.

Sketches For Ideas That Weren't Entirely Mine.

"Ashley and I have a couple ideas for drawings for you to do," Jenn's message read.
"Ok. What are they?" was my reply.
"In the first one, we want you to draw a picture where a bear is like right outside the tent when you open it and he's asking you for the keys to your car because you left a pizza inside of it."
"Lol, Ok."
"In the second, we want a drawing of a person who eats a firefly and you can still see it glowing from within him. Then he poops it out and it flies away."
"Lol. Can I guess who came up with which idea?"

My friends are great.

Here are sketches for the ideas.


So, I've been busy at work with this whole remodeling thing. Now that it's done, the signs we have are crummy and not very appealing. My manager turned to me and told me to design something better.

So, I am.

I figured that evoking the concession stand food characters from the drive-in movie era would lend itself nicely to a sign meant for calling out new release movies.