Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long time no post

Its now been two months since the furor of the semester died off and the Senior Animation screening showed the city of Philadelphia what the students of UArts are made of and have to offer the world. My film was well received, but didn't take the best of show prize. Oh well, maybe next time.

During these summer months, I've been working at an incubator studio set up by two animation teachers at UArts. Dubbed "Motion Heads," we spend our time working on client based freelance work. It's a nice gig to keep busy during the summer but just a prelude to the real world, which is right around the corner and ready to wrap its arms around me and keep me in its ever entangling embrace forever. Right now, I've just finished a new demo reel to be shopped around, and I'm preparing to send off a mass of applications to various studios in New York and see if I can't get a job.

Incidentally, I have applied to Pixar for an open position as a full-time animator. I don't think I got it.

Back at Motion Heads, I'm attached to two projects; one more seriously than the other, but that's gonna change soon. One project is a web-based PSA for a start up organization called Fresh Artists here in Philly. Fresh Artists aims to get more money in the hands of Philadelphia Public School art teachers through various donations from corporations in the area. My PSA is an effort approved by them to help raise awareness for their cause.

The other project is just a segment of a Festival bumper that will require the use of legos. Should be fun. Plus, I get to play with legos while I work.